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bottledBrooklyn is a small, creative company that makes a variety of fun and artful stuff.

We’re always excited to team up and create something fresh. Work with us on product creation, art installations, special events or even on our mission to promote self-empowerment!

Take a look at some recent projects.

Project #1: #GreatWallNYC
Date: April 2016 - Present
Location: Caravan Celebrity Stylist Studio inside The Gregory Hotel in New York City

Gabrielle Ruiz of CW's television musical series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

"Within all of us there is a president, a queen and a real person who is nothing less than awesome. Remember that you are an unstoppable superstar. You are the shit

In life we all have our moments of self-doubt. Let this wall serve as a reminder that we are not just good enough—we are great."
The purpose of the installation is to EMPOWER and reinforce UNITY, because together we are strong. Our self-empowering vanity mirrors are mounted on the wall as well as a large print of our Superstar saying (Remember what you are. A Mother F#*%ing Superstar.) with the hashtags #unity, #empower, and #superstar.



Project #2: Featured in RICKY'S NYC Mother's Day Event and Special Promotion
Date: May 5, 2016
Location: RICKY'S NYC Union Square in New York City

Kristen Taekman of The Real Housewives of New York City




Whether it’s a huge or teeny idea, we can help you devise a plan. Our capabilities include branding, design and marketing strategy.

We don’t just do retail. In fact, we find that using our experience in different industries offers clients a fresh perspective.

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