bottledBrooklyn is an original NYC Design Co. that creates bold, fresh and fun lifestyle products.


Angelica and designer, Rameses Crisi
Rameses Crisi is a designer whose work includes lifestyle products, packaging, marketing and brand identity.

Our Story

It all started back in the 80’s, when our then young designer Rameses was cutting up his mother’s paper plates, cups, and anything else he could find to make the things he saw in his imagination. At the same time, his big sister Angelica was parading around in blazers with dreams of one day joining the workforce. Fast forward 20 years, and the now designer and businesswoman teamed up to start bottledBrooklyn.

Our name comes from our first product, which drew mixed reviews. That’s when we decided we would produce things with a positive focus. Yes, there is cynicism in this world, but bottledBrooklyn won’t be a part of it. Our grass is greener. So, to make all of these designs brewing in his head, Rameses moved out of his apartment, into Angelica’s, and started saving up to design full time. It was far from ideal, but we somehow made it work without killing each other. We grew bottledBrooklyn organically, and slowly our dream of creating a brand became a reality. Rameses is also thrilled to have his own apartment again.

We hope you stay tuned and follow us, as bottledBrooklyn will continue to change and evolve.